JNXD Store Policies

  1. Most items sold at JNXD are copy/no mod/no trans.  Product permissions are non-negotiable.  If you wish to purchase something as a gift, please use the marketplace, or an in-world vendor via the gift functionality. Items sold without mod permissions will nearly universally come with a HUD to allow you to tint, re-texture, resize (rigged mesh can not be resized), etc.
  2. Refunds are only given in the event of duplicate purchase.  Always try a demo before you commit to your purchase. For failed or duplicate purchases, please send a notecard including your transaction history to Kikii Littlepaws.
  3. Clothing attachments – clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc – are equipped with an Anti-Rez script.  They are meant to be worn. Should you attempt to rez attachment items on the ground, the item will automatically delete.  If you wear the item and then drop it on the ground, the original item will be deleted (meaning, no copy of it will remain in your inventory). It is best to keep an unpacked copy of your item in case of accidental loss.
  4. Should you require product support, please contact Kikii Littlepaws in world, or you can also find help in the JNXD Discord. There is also a contact form on this website,but for fastest turnaround, it’s best to reach out in Discord or in SL.