About JNXD

JNXD, also sometimes known as J1NX3D, and pronounced as “jinxed,” is a creative endeavor by Kiki Littlepaws. (That’s me!)  I have been involved with Second Life since 2004, under different brand names, and avatar names.  JNXD was opened in 2018.

There’s no one particular style that JNXD tries to cater to more than others, but really I make what I like, and then figure I might as well sell it! Sometimes items are cute, sometimes shabby chic, sometimes risqué! I make clothing, furnishing, auctioneer’s tools, and so much more.  Scripted objects are probably made in collaboration with my partner, Vortex, but should you need help with anything JNXD, don’t hesitate to contact me!

You can find JNXD both in-world and on the SL Marketplace.  In world, group members of the [JNXD.] Updates Group are always entitled to, and will automatically receive a 10% discount on all products when wearing the group tag, so feel free to join up – at no cost to you, save for a group slot!